“I’ve  refined  this time-tested, proven and best-practice approach to sell your business to the right buyer, for the right price on the best terms, and in the shortest amount of time possible.”

Selling your company is uncharted territory for most business owners… and it’s why most fail to maximize their exit strategy.

When it comes to selling your business, the first step you take can profoundly impact the outcome of your efforts.

The road to exit is long and winding. The opportunities to get it wrong are plentiful:

  • You can hire the wrong advisors
  • Your business can fail to be marketed in a way that creates maximum impact
  • You can start the selling process before you and your company are ready

That’s just the start. The all-too-common result is selling efforts that fail to deliver.

Which means you become stressed. You lose sleep. Lose enthusiasm. And you encounter problems you never even considered. Desperation enters, and you end up accepting a mediocre offer just to escape the very real deal-fatigue. Or worse, there are no offers at all.

But there is a (much) better way…

A way to inform and empower yourself, and to develop a comprehensive understanding of what you need to do to successfully sell your business from a pro who’s started and exited his own companies – as well as helped hundreds of other entrepreneurs worldwide to sell theirs.

The Exit Academy course will provide you with the complete Selling-Your-Business Roadmap™ – and the fundamentals – on how to maximize the probability of your successful exit.

Gain access to everything you’ll need to know for the full business-selling journey; from deciding if now is the right time to sell, to successfully closing the deal…and everything in between.

  • 5 Phases of a successful exit
  • Sell Your Business Roadmap
  • 28 Lessons that reveal the hidden rules
  • Direct contact with Mark & team
  • 21 Downloads and cheat sheets

All so you can:

  • 01 Understand the rules of selling your business before you start. And avoid the common mistakes that can derail a successful exit.
  • 02 See the expert process from start to finish. And get a bird’s eye view of all the twists and turns you’ll encounter.
  • 03 Walk away from the successful sale of your business knowing that you received the best price, on the best terms, from the best buyer. No regrets.

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Here’s what we’ll cover
in this self-paced course:

  • Business selling overview
  • Mark’s 5 most important lessons learned
  • Selling a business in the 21st century
  • Selling a business in the 21st century (part 2)
  • The Selling-Your-Business™ Roadmap
  • Is it time to sell?
  • Preparing yourself and your business for exit
  • Deal structuring
  • Business valuation
  • Developing your deal team
  • Hiring your M&A Advisor
  • Hiring your M&A Advisor (part 2)
  • Creating your internal deal team
  • Ensuring stakeholder alignment
  • Kick-off meeting & initial data exchange
  • Early Look Marketing
  • Creating the ultimate Information Memorandum
  • Information Memorandum (additional commentary)
  • Creating the teaser
  • Creating the supplemental marketing documents
  • Developing an effective international investor outreach list
  • How the best investor outreach campaigns are conducted
  • How to most effectively advance investor discussions
  • Letters of Intent
  • Due Diligence & negotiating
  • Sale & Purchase Agreement
  • Closing
And once you complete the course?

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The free Exit Strategy Analysis is not a templated exercise with an artificial or exaggerated value attached to it. This is a customized service carried out by Mark and his team who will invest real time and resource together with you to develop the foundation of your exit strategy.*

The Exit Academy is like getting all of the questions you had about selling your business – and the ones you didn’t know to ask – answered.

Who is Mark Carmichael, anyways?

Mark Carmichael is the entrepreneur’s M&A advisor.”

Verne Harnish, Author of Scaling Up – Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 2.0 co-founder of Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO)

Born and raised in New York, and having lived internationally for 25 years, Mark is one of the world’s leading mid-market sell-side practitioners. He’s a serial entrepreneur and speaker on all matters related to selling businesses. He’s also the author of the award-winning book, The Intelligent Exit: The Business Owner’s Guide to A Winning Strategy for Selling Your Company.

Mark is an Oxford University (MBA) graduate. His reputation as an entrepreneur-turned-M&A advisor is one of the features that sets him apart in the M&A world. He’s started and exited 5 of his own businesses, and has advised hundreds of other entrepreneurs worldwide on the sales of theirs.

For the last 15 years, he’s been a Global Managing Director at STS Capital Partners International, a leading global mid-market M&A advisory firm rooted in the fundamentals of entrepreneurialism. Supported by STS’ presence in 26 cities worldwide, he and his team work with entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses in virtually every sector globally.

Mark’s mission? To make sure every business owner planning to sell their business knows the rules of the game before they start… then ensures the most effective exit strategy possible.

  • “The Exit Academy course and Intelligent Exit book provide the framework of value-added strategies and comprehensive tools to sell businesses more profitably. Mark’s perspective on the sell-side process is highly unique and will be of significant value to any shareholder, CEO, founder or otherwise who is looking to sell their business...I am certain that the approach to selling businesses that Mark has developed and outlines in his book will make a positive difference to any business owner’s sell-side strategy  ”
    Igor Sill
    Silicon Valley VC and early-stage investor in companies such as Salesforce.com, Siebel Systems (Oracle), Weblogic, and Square
  • “The Exit Academy will instill the clarity, direction and confidence that is unfortunately so often absent at the beginning stages when a business owner is considering the sale his/her business. For most, selling a business is a new experience. And given that it is often one of life’s most significant financial transactions, it pays to invest in developing the right understanding and framework from that outset that will prepare you for making higher quality decisions throughout your own exit journey.”
    Robert Follows
    Founder and Chairman of STS Capital Partners International, a leading global mid-market M&A advisory firm.
  • “This course is a must for business owners big and small, as it addresses an issue that most entrepreneurs struggle with or fail all together on: educating themselves before they initiate the process of selling their business. The Exit Academy would have been of enormous benefit to several business owners I’ve come across over the years. Mark’s teachings fill a gap in the marketplace by focusing on what matters most to the seller to ensure the most successful outcome.”
    Tim Galpin, Ph.D
    Senior Lecturer of Strategy & Innovation, Academic Director of the MBA Program at University of Oxford, best-selling author and a consultant to boards and senior management

Yes to knowing the rules before I sell my business.

The Exit Academy – Your All-Access pass to the complete journey of selling your business.


  • 28 lessons that reveal the ‘rules’ of selling your business
  • 11.5 hours of comprehensive instruction and insights based on over 30 years of experience of starting, buying and selling businesses globally
  • Answers to your most pressing questions about the sale of your business from Mark and his team
  • 21 info sheets and downloads that include: how to hire the right M&A advisor, the psychology and emotions of selling your business, why so many businesses sell for less than they should, why it’s crucial to establish a competitive bidding environment, what your business is really worth, what to expect in advisor fees and more

And, don’t forget you also get:
A FREE Exit Strategy Analysis valued at $6,000 / €5,000!

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Only $1,225.00 / €997.00

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