When you discuss the sale of your business with Mark and his STS Capital team, you’ll go deep. They’re going to get to know you and your business inside and out. Starting with the most fundamental of questions: Is this the right time to sell? They take a much more in-depth – and international – approach when marketing and selling businesses than the overwhelming majority of other advisors out there.

Advanced tactics and methodologies for extraordinary success

“Mark’s approach to marketing and selling investment opportunities is the most comprehensive and international I’ve ever come across and is part of the reason why previous businesses and Formula 1 race teams I’ve been involved with have used Mark and his team at STS to deliver the results we were seeking. The tactics and methodologies they employ are far greater than any other investment banker we’ve come across and he and his team are great people to work with.”

Mark Preston

Team Principal of Formula E Championship Winning Team Techeetah, CSO of StreetDrone, former Team Principal of Super Aguri Formula 1 Team

This in-depth approach maximizes the probability of your successful outcome. No business is guaranteed to sell, but Mark’s process – supported by his global team at STS Capital – is distinguished as one of the most comprehensive, multifaceted and effective strategies within the global M&A community. In fact, he was a previous runner-up for International M&A Thought Leader of the Year by the Alliance of Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors.

Thinking about selling your business? Mark’s techniques, strategies and secrets will help you, just as they’ve helped countless other entrepreneurs, to maximize your probability of an exceptional exit.

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