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Claiming your €5,000 Exit Strategy Analysis (your free €5,000 gift)

This is not some marketing exercise in which recipients receive an off-the-shelf report with an exaggerated valuation associated with it. This is a real exercise carried out by Mark Carmichael and his team for the benefit of your business. We invest real resource and money into analyzing, researching and forming our initial views as they relate to your future exit. In return, we think it’s fair to ask a few basic requirements from you.

Mark and his team are only able to work with a limited number of clients per year. These clients typically own businesses with enterprise values ranging from 40m-350m+ $/€/£. As such, our approach has been developed and continually refined to optimize the probablity of successful exits for business owners in this range.

That said, the selling-your-business roadmap and the approaches described throughout The Exit Academy still lend themselves effectively to businesses below this range. In any case, we can only speak with authority on businesses which would be appropriate for an international investor outreach strategy in which one of the primary objectives is to establish a competitive bidding scenario; this is likely not applicable to local/regional businesses or businesses with a low valuation.

If your business is below that range, we would still like to help, so please do reach out to us to arrange a call in which we can offer an alternative form of feedback to assist you and your business. Businesses which are likely to be of interest to local investors only (such as local home builders, automotive repair centers, commercial cleaning businesses, etc) or which have lower valuations are still very welcome to reach out to us.

Because of the investment on our behalf to add value to you and your exit, we think it is fair to highlight a few basic requirements:

  • You must have reviewed each of the 28 lessons in The Exit Academy (enables us to have a more informed discussion with you; note: we verify this requirement on our system);
  • Must have a business that has at least 10m $/€/£ in revenue which is ebitda positive;
  • You must be committed to this exercise, as we will invest real time and money into producing your analysis and report; for parties that are unresponsive, unwilling to share data with us or otherwise uncommitted, we reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

Should you cancel The Exit Academy at any time, you will not be eligible for the free Exit Strategy Analysis.

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