What does a match look like?

On your side, you understand and will commit the necessary time and resources to support the approach in selling your business. You have confidence in Mark’s ability to get you the most successful deal and are committed to an exit.

On our side, your business should meet the following general minimum requirements:

  • Minimum revenue: 35m USD, euro, pounds, etc
  • Minimum EBITDA : c.3-4m ($/€/£)
  • Revenue growth last 3 years
  • Projected growth for next 24-36 months

If you don’t meet those requirements, but believe there’s a compelling reason why your business would be attractive to investors, fill out the questionnaire below.

Getting Started: Let’s determine if we’re a match

Below are two options. The first is more efficient, so we’ll respond faster with direct feedback. The 2nd option typically requires additional time to coordinate schedules in arranging a call between our teams.

Option 01 – The fast route

By providing the information below, Mark’s team will carry out an initial assessment on your business, form initial views related to M&A activity within your sector, prepare follow up questions, may form a view on initial pricing expectations and more. Once that’s completed, we’ll present our assessment on a follow-up call. Important: please complete all/as much of the following questions:

    Revenues last 2 financial years (USD):
    EBITDA last 2 financial years (USD):

    Option 02 – The slow(er) route

    Email us here to arrange a no-cost introduction call. This route can take a few weeks to coordinate due to scheduling availability for you and us. This option will start with a 30-60 minute discussion and will cover:

    • An overview of your business
    • What your objectives are and why
    • Financial performance for the last 2 financial years and this financial year to date
    • Motives to sell for you and your shareholders
    • Your timeframe for a sale
    • Any previous exit attempts
    • Initial valuation expectations

    Once we’re connected, Mark and his STS Capital team will talk you through initial views and opinions regarding the attractiveness amongst investors regarding the sale of your business, comments about the best exit strategy, any potential issues or concerns to address, and more. If the discussion produces a mutual desire to continue, Mark and STS Capital will then perform a more thorough analysis on your business and industry, and develop a strategy for marketing your business to investors.

    Then, you’ll get on a second call for Mark and/or his team to present their findings and strategy. From there, both of you can decide if there’s a match for Mark and STS to lead your exit process. You can get the ball rolling by emailing Mark here.

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